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Embossing and Chiseling

  |    |  Embossing and Chiseling


Il corso vuole continuare la tradizione tecnica e artistica del cesello, analizzandone gli aspetti tecnici e le applicazioni in oreficeria, argenteria, ed altre eventuali tipologie applicative.

The course aims to continue the technical and artistic tradition of chiseling, analyzing the technical aspects and applications in goldsmithing, silverware, and other possible types of applications.

It puts into practice the preparation of materials: supports and preparation of pitch, which is used to fix the metal during processing along with tests for the realization of the chisel irons. The chisel irons, also used in the operations of embossing, are steel rods, square or round sections, with the head (the part in contact with the metal) of different shapes.

Each work phase is preceded by a graphic study of the object to be made.

Students have the opportunity to create small works of study during the practical lessons of the laboratory.

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the fundamentals of the Art of Chiseling, through the teaching of techniques of embossing and chiseling and of drawing (with the execution of the work to be carried out in the laboratory).


Andrea Pignataro

Master chiseller

  • Introduction and understanding of the course topic;
  • viewing of images and chiseled objects;
  • historical traces and illustration of the phases of embossing and chiselling;
  • graphic preparation, preparation of the plates for practice, with the necessary supports
  • first rudiments of management of work tools, using chisels and hammer;
  • demonstration and test for the realization of chisels;
  • graphic preparation and realization of the bas-relief by chisel;
  • graphic preparation and practice in embossing, chiseling of the embossings obtained in finishing of the object.

72 hours (2-week course, Monday through Friday).

All materials needed for the course will be made available by the school.

The registration price includes the cost of materials.

Students maintain ownership of the works they create.

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