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Monotype: Techniques and Tools

  |    |  Monotype: Techniques and Tools


The course is designed to enhance personal research through a technique that favors speed of execution and experimentation.

Although monotype allows the production of prints in a manner less constrained by technical procedures, it requires a method that allows the achievement of qualitatively evident results. Experimentation, therefore, is not feasible without the acquisition of the necessary tools for exploring new paths and understanding their direction.

The course consists of a historical-artistic overview and practical workshop (90-95%) that will include a synthesis of the various methods of monotype production, execution of the works, printing (by hand and with the use of the intaglio press) with the subsequent review and discussion of the works.

Students will be introduced to a strictly non-toxic method of working, through the use of water-based colors, despite the technique traditionally involving the use of solvents and oil paints.


Gleb Shtyrmer

Painter, designer, and instructor

  1. Historical and artistic introduction to the monotype technique and an overview of the techniques and materials used
  2. Basic techniques (monochrome monotype with water based etching colors):
  • Additive method
  • Subtractive method
  • Trace monotype (by pressure)
  1. Printing techniques:
  • Press printing
  • Hand printing (with baren or spoon)
  1. Working method:
  • Preparation of the plexiglass plate
  • Preparation of the paper
  • Light table
  • Printing
  1. Color monotype:
  • Additive method with watercolor colors
  • Monotype through multiple prints (overlapping colors or shades)
  • Use of a preparatory drawing:
  1. Experimentation:
  • Ghost-print
  • Relief printing of textures and various objects
  • Stencil and masking
  • Monoprint and the combination between monotype and the classical techniques of printmaking (drypoint on plexiglass and test prints combined with monotype)

72 hours (2-week course, Monday through Friday).

All materials needed for the course will be made available by the school.

The registration price includes the cost of materials.

Students maintain ownership of the works they create.

The course topics are presented in a comfortable and interactive way. To get an idea, check out the Renaissance Painting Techniques course.

Artist’s website: https://www.shtyrmer.com/

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