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Pictorial Restoration

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The course aims to provide knowledge of the materials that make up a painting, gesso canvas preparation, support, etc; a preparation that differs from painter to painter or according to the historical period in which they were made. For this purpose practical exercises of realization of a support to be able to recognize the different types of preparation id useful. Therefore, in the first part of the course we will manually address the first materials used to make a painting itself.

Additional topics include:

Knowledge of various samples of canvas, natural fibers or otherwise, texture and density.

Preparation of the plaster that is the basis of the painting, the importance and realization of ancient recipes.

Study of the frame as a support on which the canvas is stretched and then painted, fundamental because the right tension often determines the state of maintenance of the paintings.

Practical exercises of painting with various types of colors (tempera, acrylic, oil color) to understand the absorbency, stability and painting performance.

The purpose of the course is to provide participants with the basics of restoration of paintings on canvas (geared for the execution of work to be carried out in the laboratory).


Barbara Bersellini


  • Historical notes on pictorial restoration
  • Vision of photographic documentation of some restoration interventions
  • Practical realization of a support with canvas and plaster preparation
  • Execution of color tests
  • First investigations to ascertain causes of degradation of materials that constitute the painting
  • Elaboration of restoration technical sheet with relative documentation

150 hours (4-week course, Monday through Friday).

All materials needed for the course will be made available by the school.

The registration price includes the cost of materials.

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