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Techniques and Materials for Drawing

  |    |  Techniques and Materials for Drawing


This course provides an introduction to the techniques of drawing distinguished by various eras: from the making and use of a reed pen, India ink and tempera, to modern techniques such as collage and mixed media. Students will be introduced to two art printing techniques, linocut and monotype, and will learn how to do manual printing without a press.



The course is structured in a series of 10 workshops, each focusing on a historical period.

The minimum duration of a workshop is 5 hours.

Individual workshops are also offered independently, offering a flexible structure that can be adapted to the needs of the participant.

Structure of a meeting:

  • Theoretical: Analysis of the works of famous artists and techniques that allowed the achievement of certain artistic goals.
  • Technical/preparatory: Analysis and fabrication of the materials necessary for drawing and printing such as reed pens, dyed paper, canvas paper, egg tempera, etc.
  • Practical: Execution of the assigned task. Participants will be given artistic objectives that will better help them learn the technique, get to know the materials, and understand the artistic possibilities the method offers through the study of various subjects.

Offering students a range of practical knowledge, the course focuses primarily on the cultural values and historical meanings inherent in the various techniques and methods, presenting drawing as both a tool for thought and analysis and a sufficient means of producing finished works


Gleb Shtyrmer

Painter, designer, and instructor

Topics covered in the course:

  • The origin of drawing, writing, and calligraphy;
  • Analysis of medieval drawing;
  • Drawing in the Renaissance;
  • The origins of art printing;
  • Drawing in the Baroque
  • The modern conception of drawing;
  • Color in Drawing;
  • Paper and its artistic importance;
  • Drawing in the early 20th century;
  • The monotype and its history;
  • The boundary between drawing and painting;

Techniques and practice:

  • Preparation of a reed pen;
  • Preparation of ink for writing and drawing;
  • Drawing with ink on paper (with pen and brush);
  • Preparation of dyed paper and execution of a drawing with ink and white lead;
  • Drawing with silver point: preparation of the support and execution of the drawing
  • The pencil and its techniques: hatching, line, shading etc.;
  • Soft materials – the use of charcoal and sanguine;
  • Preparation of stretched paper on board for ink or watercolor drawing;
  • Preparation of canvas paper
  • Mixed techniques on paper: use of non-traditional tools and supports
  • Introduction to printing: the monotype

72 hours (2-week course, Monday through Friday).

All materials needed for the course will be made available by the school.

The registration price includes the cost of materials.

Students maintain ownership of the works they create.

The course topics are presented in a comfortable and interactive way. To get an idea, check out the Renaissance Painting Techniques course.

Artist’s website: https://www.shtyrmer.com/

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