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Wooden Restoration

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The course teaches the basics and general techniques for a first approach to the restoration of works in wooden material.

The course spends 10% of its time in the classroom for theoretical teaching and the remaining time is dedicated to practice. This portion is divided into the various phases and techniques of restoration including artistic analysis, carpentry (including consolidation and replacement of missing parts), alchemy (research and composition of colors), and chemistry, which refers to cleaning, polishing, lacquering, gilding, etc..

All work is carried out on real artworks in actual need of restoration.

The course may include practical tests directly on school worksites.

The purpose of the course is to provide participants with the basics of restoration of wooden works through the teaching of techniques of consolidation and reconstruction (geared towards maintaining and protecting the works).


Carlo Sansone

Master craftsman, restorer, and owner of Sansone Srl

  • Analysis of the furniture, period and style;
  • Analysis of construction methods;
  • Notions of wood species recognition;
  • Theory and techniques of restoration;
  • Tools and their correct use;
  • All materials and reagents necessary for restoration and their preparation;
  • Paint stripping, where necessary;
  • Anti-woodworm and anti-mold treatment;
  • Wood consolidation;
  • Consolidation of the furniture structure;
  • Reconstruction or integration of missing parts;
  • Base preparation, cleaning, filling, sanding, coloring and gilding;
  • Finishing according to the type of work; (buffer polishing, wax finishing, etc.)

72 hours (2-week course, Monday through Friday).

All materials needed for the course will be made available by the school.

The registration price includes the cost of materials

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