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Via di Vicano, 4 Loc. Massolina 50060 Pelago (FIRENZE) Italia

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Sansone restoration international training school

Teaching of restoration arts

The Sansone Restauro International Training School aims to hand down handicrafts at risk of extinction and that need not only theory, but also practice in the workshop.

The purpose of the school workshop is that of putting purely theoretical courses side by side with the important and indispensable part of practice and manual ability.

Sansone Restauro welcomes the various students and follows them throughout the course. It strives to meet all of their needs and accompany them in the discovery of manual and artistic activities.

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Restoring means rediscovering the beauty of a unique work of art in the world and the Sansone Restauro International Training School aims to discover promising new talents in the world of restoration, both in Italy and abroad.

Sansone Restauro has established interesting partnerships with important Italian and foreign Institutes of higher education in the field of restoration and protection of cultural heritage. Thanks to the Training project, students are presented with the opportunity to have a unique experience directly inside a restoration site, applying the theoretical lessons learned in the classroom. The alternating of study courses and work on the site allows students to train at 360° in the field of restoration, in close synergy between theory and practice.

The most important active collaborations of the Training project are represented by the partnerships between Sansone Restauro and the Spinelli Institute of Florence, as far as Italy is concerned, and the Samara Chamber of Crafts for the Russian territory.

As for Russia, the high level training courses promoted directly on the territory have allowed Sansone Restauro to export its know-how outside the national borders, contributing to train students technically, presenting themselves as professionals at the forefront in the field of restoration of works of art and architecture.